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Elite Office
A total ERP solution targeted to SMB.  The base of this product started in 1986 and the solution grew with time to become a full solution consisting of integrated modules, used by companies to manage their operations and utilize available resources effectively. The main audience customers for Elite Office are distribution companies in the fields of consumer items, pharmaceuticals, telecom, textiles, appliances & machinery.  However, and due to its flexible & modular structure, Banks, Service and Industrial Companies are also utilizing Elite Office to manage their operations.

Elite Office is not just an application software system, but a management system to control flow of data and day to day operations.  On the other hand, it is an analytical tool used by managers in business evaluation and planning.

Main Features:
ü Parameterized System, to suit different business models.  Many functions are customizable by non IT professionals.
ü Extensive Security Model.
ü User Customizable Menus.
ü Multi Company, Multi Branch, and Multi Department management.
ü Modular and Integrated
ü True Multi Currency System.
ü Mobile Users Online Connectivity.

    • Accounting, to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenses & income accounts, and other general ledger accounts.
    • Inventory Control, to handle all types of items whether physical or service items, control purchase orders, sales, stock, invoices, fully integrated with the Accounting System.
    • Fixed Assets Management, to keep detailed records about each piece of asset including purchase value, location, add-ons, depreciation, etc. …
    • Receivable Cheques Follow-Up, to keep track of collected post-dated cheques and generate relative reports by due date, customer, collection date, etc …
    • Receivable Bills Follow-Up, to keep track of collected bills and generate relative reports by due date, customer, collection date, etc …
    • Pro Notes Follow-Up, to keep track of post-dated payments / loan settlements and generate relative reports by due date, bank, loan, etc …
    • Personnel & Payroll, to manage employees’ personnel files and handle payroll transactions, with automatic interface to bankers system.
    • Production Control System, to control production operation based on preset equations, keep track of raw materials & products, and generate relevant reports.
    • Sales/Services Analysis, to provide analytical reports of purchases, sales, revenue / profit by company, branch, department (cost center), salesman, customer, customer type, area, product line, item, monthly, YTD, for a selected period, etc. …
    • Forecasting, will be utilized to calculate and set sales forecast per SKU / Customer, reflecting data on Salesmen / Items / Areas total projected sales, and compare actual sales figures vs. set sales figures, generating relevant reports.
    • Business Analysis, to provide customized analytical data based on preset KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) targeted to the distribution operations continuously updated.
    • CRM, to provide facilities of storing data & documents (other than financial) covering all types of transactions with customers, suppliers, employees, banks, etc…
This module includes:
  1. User defined fields & record layouts
  2. User defined transaction types (categories)
  3. Logging of different transactions
  4. Archiving any type of documents including scanned images, PDF files, emails, Excel sheets, sound files, etc… i.e. basically any type of file opened by a program available on your systems
  5. Connectivity of archived documents with multiple data records
  6. Retrieval of files / documents through any defined link
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